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[MEMBER UPDATE] New Shipping Options + New Screaming O

[MEMBER UPDATE] As Seen on “Marriage Bootcamp” + Shipping Update + Mystery Box Blowout Sale Continues + Be a Contestant on Sex Toy Trivia!

WEEKLY ROUND-UP [December 3, 2012]


WEEKLY ROUND-UP [Oct 8, 2012] All about Screaming O’s Best Sellers

Screaming O powerful vibrating couples cock rings

Screaming O vibrating couples cock rings Disposable Vibrating Ring Disposable Plus Vibrating Cock Ring Big O Reusable Vibrating Ring O Wow – super powered cock ring with removable bullet vibrator O Yeah – super powerful vertical vibrating ring

Studio Collection by Screaming O

Screaming O designed a line of discreet sex toys and vibrators that really look like cosmetics. There are vibrators and stimulating creams in this line of products called the Studio Collection. Mascara Vibe Brush Vibe Lipstick Vibe Battery Compact Sexy Compact that has a vibrator Cooling Balm Warming Balm Climax Gloss

WEEKLY ROUND-UP [9-17-2012] ‘O’ Award Winners

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