Studio Collection by Screaming O

Screaming O designed a line of discreet sex toys and vibrators that really look like cosmetics. There are vibrators and stimulating creams in this line of products called the Studio Collection. Mascara Vibe Brush Vibe Lipstick Vibe Battery Compact Sexy Compact that has a vibrator Cooling Balm Warming Balm Climax Gloss Advertisements

The Best Products for Your Home Party Business

Here are the best sex toy products for your Home Party Business.

Rabbit style vibrator with kegel excerciser and electric pulse stimulation

Rabbit style vibrator with kegel excerciser and electric pulse stimulation. Sex Toy Dave and his team discuss with manufacturer Jopen how this items works as a pleasure device and sexual health tool for women. You can find this sex toy here: Intensity Rabbit Vibrator by Jopen

Wartenberg Wheel Fetish Fantasy from pipedreams

Sex Toy Dave, his team and manufacturer Pipedream Products talk about the Wartenberg wheel. This item from the Fetish Fantasy series is used to help those who want to fantasize about submissive vs dominant role playing. Item shown in video Wartenberg Wheel

Nipple suckers with Icon Brands

Sex toy video about Nipple Suckers from Icon Brands.  Check out product video. Nipple Suckers featured in this video <a title=”nipple suckers” href=””>HERE</a&gt;.

New Product Videos Available from JOPEN

JOPEN has updated its Product DVD with the latest demonstration videos for the Vanity “Point Five” series of products.  The complete selection of JOPEN videos is available on one handy DVD.  There are two versions: one has MPEG video files which are good for webmasters (JO-0000-30-10), or anyone who needs individual videos.  The other is looped and is … Continue reading

Wet Wow clitoral arousal gel from Wet Lubricants

Wet Wow clitoral arousal gel brings blood to the surface to increase arousal sensations for the clitoris. Wow Gentle Max-O is twice as powerful as the Gentle Wow Max

Fetish Fantasy Whip metal flogger for BDSM from Pipedream Products

21 inch whip with 8 strips of small metal balls. This whip is the real deal for those who are experienced at BDSM play. This is part of Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Extreme line which is for serious S&M or BDSM players. This item is called “Chain of Pain” and is here: Chain of Pain You … Continue reading

Synergy hybrid lubes are 10% silicone and 90% water based by Wet Lubricants

Synergy is a hybrid lubricant which means it has the best of both worlds. Silicone which remains lubricated for a long time but since it is only 10% silicone you don’t get the negatives which is silicone’s tendency to stain sheets, hurt sex toys, and remain hard to wash off the body. But since this … Continue reading

Water based flavored lubes from Wet Lubricants

Water based lubricants are light and safe to use with sex toys and easy to wash off and do not stain. The flavors are sugar free and safe to eat. These are manufactured by Trigg Labs AKA Wet Lubricants. Blueberry Cherry Passion Fruit Pomegranate Watermellon