The Muse Massager is the talk of the town!

Racking up three O Nominations since its 2012 March release, the Muse has quickly become the talk of the town. Often called the most exciting toy of the year, the Muse massager is a must-have for every woman. Used as a clitoral stimulant, 10 vibrating functions course through the “ears” of this one-of-a-kind item, while delivering stimulation … Continue reading

Male masturbator oral sex simulator sex toy called Ballers by NS Novelties

Male Masturbator that closely simulates the feel and sound of oral sex. Rather then stroking, these work by squeezing the super soft jelly balls to create oral sex simulation. You can find these items here: Ballers Halo Ballers Spiral Ballers Bolt

Ben Wa (Benwa) Crystal Glass Balls as described in Fifty Shades of Grey by NS Novelties

Since the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” many women have been searching for “Ben Wa Balls” and “silver balls”. They are searching for two balls that are inserted into the female vagina. These crystal glass balls are a luxury version of the Benwa balls as they are made of a premium glass with a beautiful … Continue reading