“Sex Furniture” a Perfect Fit for Memory Foam Mattress Owners (We’ve got it!)

From Yahoo Finance: Sex or Sleep? Sales of memory-foam mattresses have skyrocketed to almost 20% of the mattress market. They induce a blissful snooze but make sex a challenge… The complaint is lack of “traction,” if you get the drift. “It’s like trying to do it in quicksand,” one owner writes on an Internet message … Continue reading

Liberator Discontinues Two Products

Liberator has discontinue two products. The full size Liberator Whirl and the Liberator Flex ramp. In the case of the Liberator Whirl, the smaller (and more popular) Whirl XT provides the same functionality. In the case of the Flex Ramp, the Flip Ramp and Hipster are more functional products for the same price point. Please … Continue reading