The Surprising Benefit of the VR1 (Vanity by Jopen)

There’s something you may not know about the Vr1:  Its unique shape makes it an ideal Kegel exerciser and a truly versatile stimulator. Vr1 has “Squeeze Me” technology to let you know if you are squeezing the right muscles when you do your Kegel exercises! The Vr1 it is waterproof, whisper-quiet and made of premium … Continue reading

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ — Linked to Vagina Ball Explosion |

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’Linked toVagina Ball ExplosionExclusive0517_fifty_shades_of_greyThe sultry bestseller “Fifty Shades of Grey” is causing a boom in the sex toy market — in fact, a company that specializes in vaginal exercise balls says it’s sold a record number of hoo-ha doodads in the last month … all thanks to the book.A rep for the … Continue reading