Wartenberg Wheel Fetish Fantasy from pipedreams

Sex Toy Dave, his team and manufacturer Pipedream Products talk about the Wartenberg wheel. This item from the Fetish Fantasy series is used to help those who want to fantasize about submissive vs dominant role playing. Item shown in video Wartenberg Wheel Advertisements

Fetish Fantasy Whip metal flogger for BDSM from Pipedream Products

21 inch whip with 8 strips of small metal balls. This whip is the real deal for those who are experienced at BDSM play. This is part of Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Extreme line which is for serious S&M or BDSM players. This item is called “Chain of Pain” and is here: Chain of Pain You … Continue reading

Bed Restraint System Fetish Web Fantasy with manufacturer Pipedreams

Sex Toy Dave, his team, and Kevin from Pipedream Products demonstrate how to set up the web and describe how the ankle and wrist cuffs attach to it. The also briefly discuss how this is best to be used with items from Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Series. See Fantasy Web here: Bed Restraint System Fetish Web … Continue reading