On February 7th, we will be eliminating Tenga and Fleshlight as “sub-categories” in Mens Sex Toys: Masturbators. Tenga and Fleshlight are manufacturers so you will be able to find those items by going to “Masturbators” and selecting the desired manufacturer attribute. We will automatically redirect the category to the appropriate place so you don’t have … Continue reading

Condoms as must-have fashion accessory– We’ve Got em!

Whatever you do, wherever you do it, and whomever you do it with, always do it with style.™ 3 Different condom styles come in a variety of stylish packaging to suit different occasions and personalities: Exquisite ultra thin condoms (feel me™), Stimulating pleasure-shaped condoms (rock me™) And sumptuous flavored condoms (savor me™). The beautifully boxed … Continue reading