Proper Linking Strategies for Search Engine Optimizations

Proper Linking Strategies for Search Engine Optimizations are discussed in this video. 1) CLEAN YOUR LINKS DON’T put TOO many links within your content– and you don’t want people linking to you with too many links. You should write reviews with no other links than a credit at the end of the review using a … Continue reading

Dominate Your Personal Brand On Google

Google yourself. See that? It’s your personal brand. Unless you love everything about each listing on the first page, it’s time for some personal branding SEO. There are two goals in personal SEO: Dominate the entire first page of Google (branding) Push negative or embarrassing search results off of page one (reputation management) Here’s a … Continue reading

[New Video] Should I carry inventory for my sex toy home parties?

Should I carry inventory for my sex toys home party business? yes! The home party business is an impulse buy business based on your presentation at the party. In order to maximize your sales and cash flow, you should focus on getting the sales at the party.

10 Great Twitter Tools To Transform Your Tweeting Experience

Being on Twitter all day can be a huge time suck. Yet, at over 250 million Tweets posted each day, and over 460,000 people that are signing up daily, one has to find a way to make Twitter work. So how are the Guy Kawasaki’s and TweetSmarter’s of the world doing it? The answer I have found … Continue reading

10 Tactics for Driving Inbound Links

  By Paul Panteleon The 2011 holiday season is right around the corner, and crunch time is here for ecommerce merchants who want to rise to the top of the search engines. Rimm-Kaufman Group strategy lead Paul Panteleon offers up 10 tactics you can use to drive inbound links this holiday season. Read Full Story … Continue reading

The Anatomy of an Effective Homepage

As a general rule, your homepage will be the first encounter a visitor will have with your business. Great care, therefore, should be taken to design and structure your homepage so that readers will digest and act on your business message. Below we’ve identified certain qualities that compose an effective homepage. We recommend you spend … Continue reading