LELO 2– Upgraded Sensemotion Vibes– We’ve Got ‘Em!

They’re here: SenseMotion™ Insignia 2 Design Editions – newly upgraded!

Tiani™ 2, Oden™ 2 and Lyla™ 2 feature all the same benefits that made the original SenseMotion™ Insignia collection such a success, but now come with additional performance upgrades that promise even more unforgettable experiences to be shared between partners.

The SenseMotion™ Insignia Design Editions boast 50% more vibration strength alongside a 3 times wider wireless range, meaning couples can turn on more varied pleasures than ever before– and the new features don’t stop there.

Tiani™ 2

Tiani™ 2 Design Edition is the upgraded version of the Red Dot award-winning couples’ massager, designed for women to wear when making love.

  • LELO’s unique SenseMotion™ technology allows users to control sensations during lovemaking through movements of a remote;
  •  while all-new enhancements including the 50% more powerful motor and 3X greater wireless range increase possibilities still further.
  • Fully waterproof for easy cleaning or use in the bath or shower,
  • Tiani™ 2 can now be controlled with or without the remote
  • and comes with a new full-feeling attachment that offers extra-targeted pleasures, bringing increased stimulation and total control to even the most adventurous positions.

Oden™ 2:

Oden™ 2: The fully-waterproof and rechargeable design

  • now also offers the option to play without remote
  • and comes with a new additional closed-ring attachment of flexible silicone, to offer increased presence and stamina for him and intense pleasures for her.

Lyla™ 2

Lyla™ 2 Design Edition is based on the original SenseMotion™ Lyla™ and features the same pioneering SenseMotion™ technology. Lyla™ 2 boasts new enhancements including

  • a 3X greater wireless range
  • and 50% more vibration intensity.
  • Worn internally or enjoyed externally,
  • waterproof
  • rechargeable
  • Lyla™ 2 can be controlled via simple movements applied to its ultra-discreet wireless controller, for a new way to share pleasure both indoors and out.
>> Available Wholesale from SexToyClub.com:  In Stock and Ready to Ship!

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