New Vibes Launched By LELO/PicoBong- We’ve Got ‘Em!

PicoBong, a trendy new sex toy brand and the latest design concept from the people behind LELO, has launched four new larger form vibrators under the title of “More to Love” including the Kaya Rabbit Vibe, Moka G-Vibe, Zizo Innie Vibe, and Ako Outie Vibe.

Each of the new products boasts a body-safe silicone exterior and whisper-quiet stimulation across 12 vibration settings and multiple speeds. The Kaya Rabbit Vibe in particular distinguishes itself as one of the most stunning rabbit-style vibes available under the $100 price tag, with two powerful motors and a new longer shaft for ultimate dual-action stimulation.

The new products complement a PicoBong portfolio that has continued to boom in popularity since launching in September last year, as the brand carves a new niche for itself both in and out of the sex toy industry, targeting a wide range of demographics—from veteran sex toy users to new adventure-seekers.

According to PicoBong Brand Manager Daniel Mark Carr, “We’re extremely proud of the headway we’ve made with the new brand and how much we’ve been able to accomplish in a short space time. Sales for the first line have been through the roof and our global presence is growing every day—so our latest vibes have a lot to live up to!”

PicoBong also disclosed that they are set to launch a massively diverse portfolio of new products in the coming months, including a range of cosmetics and bedroom accessories.

“This is just the very beginning of what PicoBong will become in the near future,” added Carr.

PicoBong’s Kaya Rabbit Vibe, Moka G-Vibe, Zizo Innie Vibe, and Ako Outie Vibe are now available wholesale at

via AVN – New Vibes Launched By PicoBong.


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